Travel to Vietnam, Danang

Danang, Vietnam

In the next morning, car and tour guide will pick you up at 7:10 at Danang airport, departure Thakhet follow Route 9 South Laos, along the way you listen to the guide’s explanations famous historical sites (Citadel Quang Tri and Thach Han river, Khe Sanh, Ta Con airport, Lang Vay bases …). Then group lunch. Then exit procedures and Lao Bao border gate entry Densavan (Laos). Continue your journey on Thakhet – a town situated on the banks of the Mekong which is directly across the Nakhaphanom Thailand. You will get a hotel room in Thakhet. Dinner, you are free to explore Thakhet night. Best sites to visit in Ninh Binh

St Joseph’s Hang Da

Opposite to its minimal size, St Joseph’s Hang Da which includes nine rooms is an ideal spot for fellow traveler meeting. Looking out on to dynamic, non-touristy Duong Thanh, the huge front window painted in the black-and-white of the breakfast room is an arrow-straight street on the edge of the labyrinthine Old Quarter. Staying here, guests can enjoy plentiful breakfasts containing of cereals, fruit, pancakes, French toast and pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) which are served in delicate ceramics, and a fully stocked mag rack invites wondering and lasting. The beauty of Danang in March

27-3-17Boat trip in Tam Coc

Ninh Kieu wharf

Being famous throughout this beautiful city, Ninh Kieu wharf is a must-visit destination on your trip to Can Tho city. This old Ninh Kieu port used to be absolutely dynamic during the period of war time but it has now changed into a magnificent and poetic part of the region. Coming to the Ninh Kieu wharf, tourists will definitely take advantage of services available to visit the floating market, taste all the stunning “river” food or simple explore how locals people on the Mekong Delta enjoy their peaceful daily life.

Bánh tét

More popular during the Lunar New Year in Vietnam, bánh tét is a unique savory sticky rice cake wrapped in green fresh banana leaves and fully filled with mung bean paste or even more special with banana and sweet red bean filling.

Bánh tét is a Vietnamese savory but sometimes also boiled sweetened cake made mainly from glutinous rice, rolled in banana leaves into a thick, log-like cylindrical shape coming with mung bean or mung bean and pork stuffing. After cooking, the banana leaf is removed and the cake is served in wheel-shaped slices.

Peaceful liffe Ben Tre

Suitably covered in coconut trees, Ben Tre is well known throughout the country for its coconut desserts. These coconut trees were once used to produce coconut oil which was then used as an important substitute for kerosene during the war. Although being an island province, fishing plays an important role in the mainstay of the local economy while it is mostly given over to rice and fruit cultivation thanks to its verdant and flat nature. Visiting Ben Tre, tourists can have a chance to see the formal traditional life of the Mekong Delta


Travel to Mekong Vietnam

Binh San mountain:

Binh San Mountain is located in Binh San Ward, Ha Tien, Kien Giang Province. From Rach Gia City travel by road is along Highway 80 about 93 km to Ha Tien town. From Chau bridge, the gateway to the town, turn left to follow the road about 800 meters FANGCHENG to area historical and cultural monuments mountain Binh San. Mountain also called Mount San Binh Lang, mountain only 53 meters high, four-season mountain blossoming green up the Mac Thien Tich called “Binh Thuy San Scallops” (ie building a green mountain). This is the resting place of the Mac line, led by Mac Cuu, who had reclaimed the land and build Phuong Thanh (Ha Tien today) and other cities in the West Sea runs from Kien Giang to Cambodia’s Siem Aphids. If standing on top Binh San, we can see panoramic picturesque Ha Tien. Visit Mekong with best indochina tours

Kien Giang 

What play in Kien Giang? Kien Giang is famous for tourist attractions such as Phu Quoc, Ha Tien, Nam Du, Pirate, Ba Lua archipelago … In addition, you should not ignore these other attractions such as Hon Tre, Father and Son, Suoi Tranh, U Minh forest. Get to, out and around Chau Doc

Eat when traveling tasty and cheap Kien Giang? Not only known for attractive tourist destination, Kien Giang is also known for its many visitors a unique food culture, such as Kien Giang fish noodles, fried crab cake soup, fish salad tree Bang …

22-2-17Chau Doc floating market

Pancake with coconut tofu

Coconut tofu is the top of a coconut tree, deep in the body, including shoots not erupt outside and petioles. After the harvest will be clean and ret trim. Chefs will mix with coconut tofu tubers other materials such as peeled shrimp, julienne pork prices. Especially, with the western dish usually green beans inside, eating with aromatic, fleshy and sweet. Crust is poured into the mold to complete the staff. After a few minutes you have a jar of coconut discs tubers pancakes gold cumbersome, fragrant.

Beautiful view

Melaleuca forest is out front, the familiar setting of the West River. Melaleuca forest great that, people had built quite a 38m tall watchtower and your task is just: Painstakingly climb nearly ten flights of stairs, and then zoom eye a giant green strip, inhaling snuff to Melaleuca fresh scent and summer winds. True meaning is “harmony with nature”.

And then a unique path is in the forest of melaleuca out. Here it is, which makes me put effort to run down here. It is a cement bridge, built through the forest, so visitors can tour. Along the way, both sides are wetlands with mangrove and countless other plants proliferate. In the flooding season, you can not go on this way for water to flood over the bridge.

Pirate Island

Pirate Island commune, Tien Hai district, Ha Tien, Kien Giang province is an archipelago of 16 islands which is the largest island of Hon Tre (Hon Doc) about 45 km from Phu Quoc Island. The reason for Pirate island has strange names such as ancient as where is each illustrious and infamous for many mysterious stories related to piracy. Perhaps, so that the people is named Pirate island is until today.

Top restaurants in Vietnam

Barbecue restaurants
Grilled food
It is easy for tourists to pick up a kebab and a bottle of Hanoi beer at the street stalls along Fansipan or Pham Xuan Huan streets to meet their hunger, but save your appetizer and head right to one of the best places inside the Am Thuc Sapa food court located at north of the square is also one of many interesting activities to do to discover the stunning cuisine of Sapa. You can visit Vietnam through Indochina travel Vietnam
Choose your kebabs from a wide variety of food on display out front and have these vendors cook them up for you on a barbecue and offer to you on your table. With just around 20,000 VND for each item tourists will have a chance to sample all these excellent dishes ranging from grilled meat to the sticky rice grilled in a bamboo stick.

24-2-17Fried Cakes and Pillow-shaped Cakes
Yen’s Restaurant Nha Trang

Yen’s restaurant
Meticulously designed with bright yellow walls, beautiful lanterns, soft traditional music with the high quality services offered by professional polite staff dressed in traditional costumes, Yen’s Restaurant Nha Trang definitely stands out from a wide option of other eateries standing along Tran Quang Khai Street. With the diverse menu ranging from VND 45,000 to VND 125,000, this fine restaurant serves many favorite dishes of the local containing of cripsy spring rolls, meats cooked in clay pots, noodles together with rice dishes. These spring rolls mainly made from shrimp and served with one of these choices among pork, chicken, beef or fish, beef rice noodle soup as well as mouth watering grilled pork ribs served with sweet and sour sauce are highly recommended here. Tourists can also enjoy a wide range of beers, soft drinks, and healthy fruit juices together with Vietnamese rice wine at VND 20,000 by the glass and VND 175,000 by the jar at Yen’s Restaurant Nha Trang. Some destinations you should travel on International Woman Day

Hanoi Social Club
For those who are looking for a cool, bohemian hangout with awesome western meal dishes, Hanoi Social Club is exactly an ideal place to visit on their trip to Hanoi. Being a place where guests can experience the exceptionally excellent coffee and smoothies, the second floor outside room brings you a feeling of a friend’s apartment more than a café shop. The music played here is very modern and abundant. Together with a library of books and free wireless Internet access throughout the property, this restaurant is suitable for your relaxation.

Morning Glory

At Morning Glory, customers are served with a wide range of options, from traditional dish like Quang noodles (yellow rice noodles with shrimps, pork, vegetables and grilled rice paper) and cao lau to more interesting creations. The owner, Ms Vy, shows her respect to traditions and culture of Hoi An. She is really interested in classic recipes by remaking home-cooking that has been kept for generations by her grandmother, preserving the authentic flavors. The historic premises of this restaurant together with the façade of the building are an outstanding example of the French colonial times, and the interior is meticulously designed for a good dining experience. In spite of being much pricier dishes offered in the other restaurants, Morning Glory still reserves the authenticity and high standard of regional food.

Floating restaurant
Situated near Cat Ba Island are various floating restaurants serving all kinds of delicious fresh sea foods. The professional chefs take alive seafood out of their cages and plastic containers floating in the sea inside or next to the campus of these restaurants and process them into whatever dishes you order on the spot. You will definitely find no kind of restaurant that offers much fresher seafood than those. Ask the locals or your tourist guide for the place where you can take a sailing boat to the restaurants that you will exactly fall in love with.

Visit Vietnam – Hanoi, Hoi An, Saigon

Ancient House at 87 Ma May Street
The street-front room on the ground floor which is used for selling goods for commercial purposes and the room on the next floor is made use of being a living room to accommodate the guests as well as a place to worship the ancestor. There is also a bed room behind linked to the living room by a balcony. Production activities take place on the ground floor, and all behind space is for kitchen and bathroom. Visit Vietnam with tours in Indochina

“Cau” temple in Hoi An
“Cau” temple is Hoi An gem in the heart. It is small but contains many vicissitudes under mysterious tiled roof. Bridge a place where visitors can not ignore when tourism Hoi An , or to say if not to Covered Bridge is considered not to Hoi An. Covered Bridge along quite nicely textured decorative motifs present harmonious combination between architectural style of Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and Western. Travel to Vietnam

Drop the flower lights:

Still in the evening, besides just watching, you can soak up the decorations for light dinner on the waterfront. A pleasant experience that many tourists like to do is drop flower on the Hoai River. Your hands will be the release of small twinkling lights down river, hoping the lights would bring luck to the family and loved ones. Besides lantern, the lantern is becoming characteristic of tourism Hoi An.

Ho Chi Minh museum (Nha Rong harbor):

In Saigon journey of discovery of foreign tourists is indispensable at Ho Chi Minh Museum (Ben Nha Rong). This is a very special place with people of Ho Chi Minh City by 1911 and the young man was from here Nguyen Tat Thanh abroad to perform aspiration to find a way to save the people, save the nation.

Nha Rong Habor was built in 1862, initially as commercial port of Saigon. Rong was named by the court on the roof of the headquarters of the harbor has two large dragon statue. Over the past hundred years, the entire ancient architecture is virtually intact.

Top 4 places in Vietnam

Tan Ky Old Quarter
Situated in the Old Quarter of Hoi An Ancient Town, at 101 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Tan Ky Old Quarter is an ideal illustration of a 18th businessman’s residence in this main commercial port town. The house was named Tan Ky which means “Progress Shop” by the second generation to express the owner’s desire for a flourishing commerce. Travel to Hoian through Indochina travel Vietnam

Tan Ky old house
The master of the house has reserved its inside design and ancient furniture, as well as many remains of the prosperous commerce and cultural commutes among the Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese cultures during the late 17 century. To meet the great Vietnamese historical and cultural significance you must visit this Old House of Tan Ky during your visit to the small town Hoi An. Top tips to buy souvenirs in Vietnam

Ba Trai Dao Islet (Three Peaches Islet)
Not far from Cát Bà Island, in the manor of Halong City, Quảng Ninh Province located the Ba Trái Đào Islet (Three Peaches Islet) which is 22 kilometers far from the Southeast of Bãi Cháy Tourist Wharf. It takes you about an hour from Bãi Cháy Tourist Wharf to reach this islet by speedboat.


Ba Trai Dao Islet
From long distance, the islet that is a team of three small mountains looks like three peaches. 23 meters is the average height of three mountains of Ba Trai Dao Islet. Besides, Ba Trai Dao Beach whose shape like a bow embracing the isletis also believed to be one of the most famous gorgeous beaches on Halong bay. Because the tide rises and drowns the beach tourists only can swim at the beach in about 2 – 3 hours per day.

Hoi An’s Japanese covered bridge
Situated to the west end of Tran Phu Street in Hoi An and easily reached from the town centre, Hoi An’s Japanese covered bridge which dates back to the 18th century is a beautiful historical piece of Japanese architecture and one of Vietnam’s most iconic attractions. Claimed to have been created by the Japanese the Hoi An’s Japanese covered bridge exists in Hoi An as a way to reach the Chinese quarter across the water. The bridge itself doubles as a temple, with shrines to various gods included inside.

Nguyen Phuc Chu Lord who carved three Chinese symbols above the door in ceremony opened the bridge in 1719. Featuring the statues of two dogs and two monkeys presenting the Chinese years when many Japanese Emperors were born along with the fact that the building of the bridge began in the year of the dog and was completed in the year of the monkey is the unique point of this bridge’s structure.

Hoa Lo Prison
Situated at the beginning of Hoa Lo Street, between Ly Thuong Kiet Street and Hai Ba Trung Street, Hanoi, Vietnam, the Hoa Lo Prison which was built by the French administration in 189, later called by American prisoners with the name the “Hanoi Hilton”, is a political prison used by the French colonists in Vietnam for political prisoners and then by North Vietnam for war prisoners during the Vietnam War.

Buses From Hoi An

Buses From Hoi An
Hoi An is one of the most peaceful and scenic tourist spots in Vietnam, and should be close to the top of your list for Vietnam destinations – check out shopping and restaurants in the aptmospheric old town, and lovely sandy beach nearby. There is a nightly sleeper bus to Nha Trang, as well as twice daily buses to nearby Hue. All the buses will collect you from your hotel, stress free! The bus routes, with times and prices are shown in the tables below. Tours Indochina Vietnam

Hoi An to Hue:

Departs Arrives Seat Type Price (USD)
08:00 12:00 Standard Seat $14.00
14:00 18:00 Standard Seat $14.00
Hoi An to Nha Trang:

Departs Arrives Seat Type Price (USD)
18:10 06:00 Sleeper Berth $23.00
Hoi An is our favourite destination when we want to get away for a couple of days, we’ve been up there half a dozen times, and still love it. You can spend hours wandering around the old town, checking out the beautiful Chinese style architecture and eating in the many cafes.

The shopping is fantastic – there are literally hundreds of tailor shops who will run you up a suit, a dress or anything you want in 24 hours – and the other handicraft shops have some of the nicest stuf in Vietnam – if you want to take presents home, this is the place to find them! If you’re looking for a recommendation for a tailor, you can’t do better than Mekong Tailors – we’ve been using Mr Phuc and his wife for more than 6 years, top quality at great prices – we got married in his clothes! Travel to Vietnam


The beach there is also worth a visit – lovely sandy beach and great swimming. We always hire bicycles to get around in Hoi An, 15 minutes to the beach from the old town, and you can’t beach them for cycling around, as many parts of the town are forbidden to motor vehicles.

Hoi An to Dalat on a sleeping bus
Last weekend, we took a short trip to Dalat. From Hoi An, we took a ‘sleeping’ bus to Nha Trang, then a sitting (or normal) bus to Dalat. All up, the trip takes 17 hours and costs about 400,000 VND or just under 19 USD. It’s good value if your only criteria is to arrive at your destination alive. I think it’s important to share this information because on the surface the ‘sleeping’ bus seems like a great option. You get on in the evening, go to sleep, then wake up refreshed and ready to spend the new day sightseeing at your destination. Sounds good, yes? No.

On first sight, the reclining seat/bed appears comfy and spacious. The area for your feet seems huge and you can easily stash your bag down there. You set up the free bottle of water and some snacks on the little tray attached to the back of the seat in front. All good, then the bus takes off. You read a book for a while, listen to some music, look out the window, wait for a nice mellow sleepy feeling to take hold. Then you wriggle into a sleeping position. This is where the trouble starts. You see, the seat backs don’t go right down, so when you lie on your side, the upper half of your body is on an angle but your legs are straight. This weird angle seems to pile drive all of your weight into your hip where it contacts the seat. This gets uncomfortable pretty quickly, so you start worming around to shift the point of contact every few minutes. This isn’t ideal, but it’s ok – you think you will be able to manage. The problem is, at this stage, the bus hasn’t even left the city limits and the road is still pretty good.

Main Architecture Types in Myanmar

Main Architecture Types in Myanmar

Located in South East Asia, Myanmar is an unspoiled and stunningly beautiful country. Regarding architecture, the domination is given to the numerous number of Buddhist pilgrimage sites, well presenting aspects of Burmese culture. As Myanmar is filled with constructions of Buddhist pagodas, temples and monasteries, it is given the name “the Land of Pagodas”. Tours Indochina in Myanmar

Religious monuments, palaces and colonial buildings

The theme of renewal looms large in Myanmar culture – as can be seen in the large number of capital cities the country has had over the centuries – so traditional forms of architecture have not always stood the test of time.

A (massive) exception to this are the Buddhist temples and pagodas that can be found in every corner of Myanmar. The sheer number of them – leading Myanmar to be called ‘the land of a million pagodas’ – leave visitors in no doubt as to the deep religious tradition and devotion of Myanmar’s people. Tours in Myanmar

The gigantic golden monument to Buddhism, the Shwedagon Pagoda, and the thousands of temples on the plains of Bagan are perhaps the most breathtaking and famous examples, but they can be found in almost every village, and on every street corner, road or riverbank throughout most of central Myanmar (less so in the mountainous and predominantly Christian regions, such as Chin and Kachin states).


The bigger pagodas are usually free to be explored, although you may sometimes have to find a local with a key to unlock the door – remember to always take off your shoes when entering. Pagodas also are often referred to as zedis, payas or stupas but whatever word is used, they are all mound-like structures that are used as places of worship and contain Buddhist relics.

Buddhist related sites

In Burmese language, the word ‘pagoda’ can be expressed in many ways: stupa, paya, or zedi. The most commonly used is “paya”, or “hpaya” – the synonymous expression of “Buddha”; “zedi” derives from Pali language; and “stupa” refers to pagoda enshrined Buddhist relics such as Buddha’s hair or teeth. Myanmar is among the South East Asian countries where stupas are in semi hemispherical designs topped with sharp peaks, representing Buddhists’ alms bowls and their sticks. On the other hand, monasteries are referred to as “hpongyi kyaung”. In addition, monasteries and pagodas are the meditation places for Buddhist monks, known as “hpongyi” in Burmese language.

In Myanmar, most pagodas are gold-gilded and bejeweled, creating spectacular constructions. The four most important Buddhist related sites of the country are Yangon’s Shwedagon Pagoda, Mandalay’s Mahamuni Buddha Temple, Mon State’s Kyaikhtiyo Paya, and Bagan’s thousands of temples and stupas. In addition, the oldest pagoda in Myanmar is 2500-year-old Sule Zedi, located in Yangon.

Colonial buildings

Apart from Buddhist sites, as Myanmar used to be under the government of British colonization, some parts of the country are graced with marvelous colonial buildings from this time period. Typical examples are Ministers’ Building, an impressive edifice aided with monumental wings, and The Strand, a Victorian style hotel built in 1901 – both of those are located in Yangon.