Travel to Mekong Vietnam

Binh San mountain:

Binh San Mountain is located in Binh San Ward, Ha Tien, Kien Giang Province. From Rach Gia City travel by road is along Highway 80 about 93 km to Ha Tien town. From Chau bridge, the gateway to the town, turn left to follow the road about 800 meters FANGCHENG to area historical and cultural monuments mountain Binh San. Mountain also called Mount San Binh Lang, mountain only 53 meters high, four-season mountain blossoming green up the Mac Thien Tich called “Binh Thuy San Scallops” (ie building a green mountain). This is the resting place of the Mac line, led by Mac Cuu, who had reclaimed the land and build Phuong Thanh (Ha Tien today) and other cities in the West Sea runs from Kien Giang to Cambodia’s Siem Aphids. If standing on top Binh San, we can see panoramic picturesque Ha Tien. Visit Mekong with best indochina tours

Kien Giang 

What play in Kien Giang? Kien Giang is famous for tourist attractions such as Phu Quoc, Ha Tien, Nam Du, Pirate, Ba Lua archipelago … In addition, you should not ignore these other attractions such as Hon Tre, Father and Son, Suoi Tranh, U Minh forest. Get to, out and around Chau Doc

Eat when traveling tasty and cheap Kien Giang? Not only known for attractive tourist destination, Kien Giang is also known for its many visitors a unique food culture, such as Kien Giang fish noodles, fried crab cake soup, fish salad tree Bang …

22-2-17Chau Doc floating market

Pancake with coconut tofu

Coconut tofu is the top of a coconut tree, deep in the body, including shoots not erupt outside and petioles. After the harvest will be clean and ret trim. Chefs will mix with coconut tofu tubers other materials such as peeled shrimp, julienne pork prices. Especially, with the western dish usually green beans inside, eating with aromatic, fleshy and sweet. Crust is poured into the mold to complete the staff. After a few minutes you have a jar of coconut discs tubers pancakes gold cumbersome, fragrant.

Beautiful view

Melaleuca forest is out front, the familiar setting of the West River. Melaleuca forest great that, people had built quite a 38m tall watchtower and your task is just: Painstakingly climb nearly ten flights of stairs, and then zoom eye a giant green strip, inhaling snuff to Melaleuca fresh scent and summer winds. True meaning is “harmony with nature”.

And then a unique path is in the forest of melaleuca out. Here it is, which makes me put effort to run down here. It is a cement bridge, built through the forest, so visitors can tour. Along the way, both sides are wetlands with mangrove and countless other plants proliferate. In the flooding season, you can not go on this way for water to flood over the bridge.

Pirate Island

Pirate Island commune, Tien Hai district, Ha Tien, Kien Giang province is an archipelago of 16 islands which is the largest island of Hon Tre (Hon Doc) about 45 km from Phu Quoc Island. The reason for Pirate island has strange names such as ancient as where is each illustrious and infamous for many mysterious stories related to piracy. Perhaps, so that the people is named Pirate island is until today.


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