Top restaurants in Vietnam

Barbecue restaurants
Grilled food
It is easy for tourists to pick up a kebab and a bottle of Hanoi beer at the street stalls along Fansipan or Pham Xuan Huan streets to meet their hunger, but save your appetizer and head right to one of the best places inside the Am Thuc Sapa food court located at north of the square is also one of many interesting activities to do to discover the stunning cuisine of Sapa. You can visit Vietnam through Indochina travel Vietnam
Choose your kebabs from a wide variety of food on display out front and have these vendors cook them up for you on a barbecue and offer to you on your table. With just around 20,000 VND for each item tourists will have a chance to sample all these excellent dishes ranging from grilled meat to the sticky rice grilled in a bamboo stick.

24-2-17Fried Cakes and Pillow-shaped Cakes
Yen’s Restaurant Nha Trang

Yen’s restaurant
Meticulously designed with bright yellow walls, beautiful lanterns, soft traditional music with the high quality services offered by professional polite staff dressed in traditional costumes, Yen’s Restaurant Nha Trang definitely stands out from a wide option of other eateries standing along Tran Quang Khai Street. With the diverse menu ranging from VND 45,000 to VND 125,000, this fine restaurant serves many favorite dishes of the local containing of cripsy spring rolls, meats cooked in clay pots, noodles together with rice dishes. These spring rolls mainly made from shrimp and served with one of these choices among pork, chicken, beef or fish, beef rice noodle soup as well as mouth watering grilled pork ribs served with sweet and sour sauce are highly recommended here. Tourists can also enjoy a wide range of beers, soft drinks, and healthy fruit juices together with Vietnamese rice wine at VND 20,000 by the glass and VND 175,000 by the jar at Yen’s Restaurant Nha Trang. Some destinations you should travel on International Woman Day

Hanoi Social Club
For those who are looking for a cool, bohemian hangout with awesome western meal dishes, Hanoi Social Club is exactly an ideal place to visit on their trip to Hanoi. Being a place where guests can experience the exceptionally excellent coffee and smoothies, the second floor outside room brings you a feeling of a friend’s apartment more than a café shop. The music played here is very modern and abundant. Together with a library of books and free wireless Internet access throughout the property, this restaurant is suitable for your relaxation.

Morning Glory

At Morning Glory, customers are served with a wide range of options, from traditional dish like Quang noodles (yellow rice noodles with shrimps, pork, vegetables and grilled rice paper) and cao lau to more interesting creations. The owner, Ms Vy, shows her respect to traditions and culture of Hoi An. She is really interested in classic recipes by remaking home-cooking that has been kept for generations by her grandmother, preserving the authentic flavors. The historic premises of this restaurant together with the façade of the building are an outstanding example of the French colonial times, and the interior is meticulously designed for a good dining experience. In spite of being much pricier dishes offered in the other restaurants, Morning Glory still reserves the authenticity and high standard of regional food.

Floating restaurant
Situated near Cat Ba Island are various floating restaurants serving all kinds of delicious fresh sea foods. The professional chefs take alive seafood out of their cages and plastic containers floating in the sea inside or next to the campus of these restaurants and process them into whatever dishes you order on the spot. You will definitely find no kind of restaurant that offers much fresher seafood than those. Ask the locals or your tourist guide for the place where you can take a sailing boat to the restaurants that you will exactly fall in love with.


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