Visit Vietnam – Hanoi, Hoi An, Saigon

Ancient House at 87 Ma May Street
The street-front room on the ground floor which is used for selling goods for commercial purposes and the room on the next floor is made use of being a living room to accommodate the guests as well as a place to worship the ancestor. There is also a bed room behind linked to the living room by a balcony. Production activities take place on the ground floor, and all behind space is for kitchen and bathroom. Visit Vietnam with tours in Indochina

“Cau” temple in Hoi An
“Cau” temple is Hoi An gem in the heart. It is small but contains many vicissitudes under mysterious tiled roof. Bridge a place where visitors can not ignore when tourism Hoi An , or to say if not to Covered Bridge is considered not to Hoi An. Covered Bridge along quite nicely textured decorative motifs present harmonious combination between architectural style of Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and Western. Travel to Vietnam

Drop the flower lights:

Still in the evening, besides just watching, you can soak up the decorations for light dinner on the waterfront. A pleasant experience that many tourists like to do is drop flower on the Hoai River. Your hands will be the release of small twinkling lights down river, hoping the lights would bring luck to the family and loved ones. Besides lantern, the lantern is becoming characteristic of tourism Hoi An.

Ho Chi Minh museum (Nha Rong harbor):

In Saigon journey of discovery of foreign tourists is indispensable at Ho Chi Minh Museum (Ben Nha Rong). This is a very special place with people of Ho Chi Minh City by 1911 and the young man was from here Nguyen Tat Thanh abroad to perform aspiration to find a way to save the people, save the nation.

Nha Rong Habor was built in 1862, initially as commercial port of Saigon. Rong was named by the court on the roof of the headquarters of the harbor has two large dragon statue. Over the past hundred years, the entire ancient architecture is virtually intact.


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