Buses From Hoi An

Buses From Hoi An
Hoi An is one of the most peaceful and scenic tourist spots in Vietnam, and should be close to the top of your list for Vietnam destinations – check out shopping and restaurants in the aptmospheric old town, and lovely sandy beach nearby. There is a nightly sleeper bus to Nha Trang, as well as twice daily buses to nearby Hue. All the buses will collect you from your hotel, stress free! The bus routes, with times and prices are shown in the tables below. Tours Indochina Vietnam

Hoi An to Hue:

Departs Arrives Seat Type Price (USD)
08:00 12:00 Standard Seat $14.00
14:00 18:00 Standard Seat $14.00
Hoi An to Nha Trang:

Departs Arrives Seat Type Price (USD)
18:10 06:00 Sleeper Berth $23.00
Hoi An is our favourite destination when we want to get away for a couple of days, we’ve been up there half a dozen times, and still love it. You can spend hours wandering around the old town, checking out the beautiful Chinese style architecture and eating in the many cafes.

The shopping is fantastic – there are literally hundreds of tailor shops who will run you up a suit, a dress or anything you want in 24 hours – and the other handicraft shops have some of the nicest stuf in Vietnam – if you want to take presents home, this is the place to find them! If you’re looking for a recommendation for a tailor, you can’t do better than Mekong Tailors – we’ve been using Mr Phuc and his wife for more than 6 years, top quality at great prices – we got married in his clothes! Travel to Vietnam


The beach there is also worth a visit – lovely sandy beach and great swimming. We always hire bicycles to get around in Hoi An, 15 minutes to the beach from the old town, and you can’t beach them for cycling around, as many parts of the town are forbidden to motor vehicles.

Hoi An to Dalat on a sleeping bus
Last weekend, we took a short trip to Dalat. From Hoi An, we took a ‘sleeping’ bus to Nha Trang, then a sitting (or normal) bus to Dalat. All up, the trip takes 17 hours and costs about 400,000 VND or just under 19 USD. It’s good value if your only criteria is to arrive at your destination alive. I think it’s important to share this information because on the surface the ‘sleeping’ bus seems like a great option. You get on in the evening, go to sleep, then wake up refreshed and ready to spend the new day sightseeing at your destination. Sounds good, yes? No.

On first sight, the reclining seat/bed appears comfy and spacious. The area for your feet seems huge and you can easily stash your bag down there. You set up the free bottle of water and some snacks on the little tray attached to the back of the seat in front. All good, then the bus takes off. You read a book for a while, listen to some music, look out the window, wait for a nice mellow sleepy feeling to take hold. Then you wriggle into a sleeping position. This is where the trouble starts. You see, the seat backs don’t go right down, so when you lie on your side, the upper half of your body is on an angle but your legs are straight. This weird angle seems to pile drive all of your weight into your hip where it contacts the seat. This gets uncomfortable pretty quickly, so you start worming around to shift the point of contact every few minutes. This isn’t ideal, but it’s ok – you think you will be able to manage. The problem is, at this stage, the bus hasn’t even left the city limits and the road is still pretty good.


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